Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello :)

Hi everybody.I am Leyla from Turkey or we say as Türkiye(If you wonder my country -->'m 22 and student at Marmara Unıversity in Istanbul.II'm studying education of byology.That's mean, I'm gonna be byology teacher.If everything goes well, I'll be graduated next year.(I hope so...)
I love Korean Dramas.I have been watching them since 2007.My drama addiction started with Dae Jang Geum(Jewel In The Palace).It was a historical drama that is based on a true story about a legendary girl
  who became the first woman doctor of Joseon Dynasty.I watched it on our national public tv channel.It was a great chance to meet Korean dramas and culture.And now I am addicted to K-Dramas.I'm lucky coz lots of people in Turkey love them too.We have talented subbers.They translate nearly every drama to Turkish.
I noticed that I can understand some korean words and sentences.So I try to learn Korean by myself.Actually I found an awesome website about it. Talk To Me In Korean .Hyunwoo Sun and the other teachers prepare and share every pdf of lessons without price.The lessons are supported by videos and mp3s.They are such an amazing teachers.They guide you  every step of learning Korean.So,If you are willing to learn Korean, I recommend you visit this website ;)


  1. Salaam, Leyla. Please kindly check for chiffon and two-tone scarf collections. Upcoming collections are on the way :)

    Anyway, I went to Istambul last year. Whatta beautiful place it was, Leyla. Really wanna go back there someday..

    Have a great time, Leyla :D

  2. Wa alaikum es-selaam Hei Lyra( is it your name or brand name ).Thanks for comment.I visited your blog and I loved scarfs you made.I'll definetly follow your works.I hope, inshAllah, you have a chance to visit Turkey again.

    Have a great time Hei Lyra :)



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