Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do Everything But Study

What am I gonna do now ?? Finals are coming but I'm not ready.Well, actually I wanna study, really, I do.But whenever I sit down and try to read something, I feel sleepy.I yawn and yawn and can not close my mouth.

Then I try something to get rid of sleeping.I visit the kitchen and open the fridge,look inside for something to eat but I'm not hungry.I can't find anything so I walk away then I come back in 5 minutes.I ensure myself that "there is nothing to eat in the fridge".

I continue to discover my house.I expect to find astonishing things that I never saw before.I turn the TV on, find a programme watched before.Suddenly the programme becomes very interesting and I watch it again.Then I realize that I don't feel sleepy.So that it's time to study again.I walk to my room to study hard.I stare at the kitchen.Just one look...but what the hell are these? Are these dishes ? Who did this mess ?!They must be cleaned.Immediately I wash the dishes.
Now I can go and study.I sit down and start yawning again. OhhhhhHhHH..?????? Why can't I focus on my lessons ????!!! What the hell is wrong with me??

1 comment:

  1. oo lady. :)) i am smiling but i am just like you. what a pity! :((

    never give up! these are our last wars. FİGHTİNG!!



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